Liz Drury Voiceovers

About Liz

Some words to describe my voice...

Confident and assured with a naturally soothing quality. Perfect for genuine and believable reads.

I have a neutral British accent, and having lived in the Midlands, the North and even the USA, I can pronounce things in a variety of ways! If you need an RP voice, I can speak the Queen's English for you.

So how did I become a voiceover artist?

Kind of by accident really!

My background is in science (I have a degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Archaeological Sciences), and while I was researching the origins of a black tarry substance with human tooth impressions, known as 'prehistoric chewing gum', my work was picked up on by the press. For two weeks I found myself at the centre of a media whirlwind, in demand for interviews for newspapers and radio stations all over the world. This sparked my interest in working in the media.

In 1998 I began working at Channel Seven, which was the local cable TV channel for North and North East Lincolnshire.  I worked mostly in front of the camera as a presenter, but I sometimes had to record voiceovers for short documentaries, or for adverts for the Channel, but I never had any formal training. I left the world of television in 2002 to bring up a family, and occasionally recorded the odd voiceover if the work found me – which wasn’t very often.

Fast forward to 2011 and my husband was asked to go and work in the USA for a couple of years. As I wasn’t able to work initially, I used the opportunity to do some training. I took acting classes, singing lessons, and ultimately several months of intensive vocal coaching with Edge Studios (a well respected trainer of voiceover artists).  I had the pleasure of working with some fantastic coaches in New York and Washington DC who helped me hone my voiceover skills. At the end of my training, armed with professionally produced showreels, I was then ready to launch my career.

Since returning to the UK I have continued to work as a voiceover artist, recording scripts for clients all over the world from my professionally equipped home studio. I have a truly international career without even leaving my booth!